Using the great outdoors as a learning tool Freespirits have devised a series of team building courses to assist your companies effectiveness.

The concept of outdoor teambuilding is unique in so much as it is a form of training which takes place in an environment alien to the participant, thus taking them out of their "comfort zone" and giving them the opportunity to discover themselves further as an individual and as a team.

The basis of the course is a series of set tasks with restrictions and parameters which must be achieved by the teams. Starting with simple ice breaking tasks the programme becomes increasingly difficult as team effectiveness improves.

Having run the course for the Scottish Prison Service, The Scottish Health Service and Conoco, Freespirits have a wealth of outdoor training experience.

There are no set agendas for teambuilding programs. These programs are tailor made for your companies needs.

Freespirits teambuilding courses, as all of Freespirits activities, are run to the highest standards of safety.


This event is run as an inter company challenge and ideal for company incentive schemes.

There are one, two and three day events comprising of a series of physical, practical and mental challenges. A points system is used for each challenge and the teams are to accumulate as many points as possible. Although this is run as a light hearted challenge this always turns out to be as serious as the World Cup in the teams eyes.